Wavespell of the White Worldbridger-05

Power of the Death

From day 3 to August 14 of 2012. Year Blue Resonant Storm


N S 1. 25. 1. 8. Dali. Onyx. Mantra: OM. Crown (Thursday 8-2-2012)



Magnetic: Action: ATTRACT. Power: UNITY. Essence: PURPOSE.

The Magnetic Gate identifies the Purpose. Which is my goal?

There are 141 days left for the closure of the 12-21-2012 cycle. We are in the Magnetic Moon of the bat purpose. White heptad 2 ¨The being evolves the death¨. Wavespell of the white Worldbridger to define, number 6 of the Tzolkin and the second of the White Castle. On the galactic archetypes the white Worldbridger, it’s the Hierofhant, revealer of the secret, carrier of the death treasure and the equalizer. It’s the first source of power from the Avatar Court, ¨The death is the source of the knowledge¨. Inside the WAVESPELL OF THE PLANETARY SERVICE for this year, which is the Wavespell of the Red Skywalker, this first magnetic Moon, its marked by the Magnetic Red Skywalker, and he will be with us in the all Moon. The Worldbridger has 3 qualities: EQUALIZE, DEATH AND OPORTUNITY. We are going to start  with the action EQUALIZE.  What does it means that the Worldbridger equalize? Sometimes its hard to understand the meaning of something that is against the way we used to behave. Equalize, we are all the same to the Divinity, we came from the same place, we evolve  with the same circumstances and we came back again from where we proceed once this process is over. On the Earth, we seem different, the races, nationalties, religions, beliefs, but in reality, inside, we are all the same, that’s why we become part of an planetary being. However, if we don’t understand or accept this premise, the humans develop the EGO. The ego separate us, make us different, makes us superior or inferior, it pushes to believe that we are more or less than others, permits that we think that our way of life is the best, what we believe is the only truth, and that my beliefs are the only way to make the humans  to be safe.  Well, spiritual things doesn’t work like that. There are too many ways to come back to God, like persons on the Earth. These paths came from different ways, but all goes to the same direction altought seems the opposite. Valum Votan speaks countinously of trying to resolve the problem of the ego, to live without it, to believe that we are ¨In lak ech¨. And this 13 days can have this purpose of ¨letting go the ego¨. Power: DEATH. We know since we were born, sooner or later, the moment of death will arrive, it’s the evolutive process of these moments on the Earth. When we came here, we didn’t bring anything material, and where we go neither, empty from wealth and possessions . The only treasure that we will bring are our actions and behaviors, that depends on our evolution, vibration and spiritual development. From there all the evolutive process of take and putting the enchantments , to make the necessary changes, the selfgeneration. All this to get rid of the ego and to death defects and bad habits. The essence is the OPORTUNITY.  Here is where the 3 qualities get together, that is because every moment is appropriate  to equalize us, killing the ego. Life is compounded from many opportunities of change, the attention permit us to seeing them. Also the Worldbridger is who  show us the possibilities of other worlds that are here, the connection with other superior realities, the existence  of light stellar beings that now help us. We are in the most magical moments and importants of the evolution of the Earth and their residents. At the end of the cycle of 5,125 years in the history of the Earth. The ray is getting over from synchronization 12:60, and giving birth to 13:20, 13 galactic  tones and 20 solar stamps, located in our 13 mayor joints, and in the 20 fingers of hands and feet. It’s the moment to make a stop to think, and ask to ourselves  ¨Where am I?¨ ¨What I am doing with my life?¨¨How does the ego manifests in me?¨ ¨Am I always right?¨  ¨Everything that is mine is the better?¨ ¨My beliefs are superior than the others?¨ ¨Where can we go with those beliefs?¨ ¨Do I know everything?¨  ¨Am I a great perfection?¨  ¨Do I look others above my shoulder?¨ ¨Do I believe in superior beings helping me?¨ ¨Am I kind and show my care and love?¨ ¨Do I get spiritual messages or I don’t believe in them?¨ There are many more questions, but everyone has to make their own, and their answers. I AM CONNECTING MY LIFE WITH THE LOVE OF GOD. DEATH IS A STEP TO A SUPERIOR LIFE, WHERE YOU CAN SEE THE MISTAKES, AND THE SOLUTIONS ARE SHOWED, WE NEVER SAW THEM OR FOLLOWED THEM IN THOSE MOMENTS, BUT THEY WERE IN THE RANGE OF COSMIC POSSIBILITIES OF DECISION.  JUST THE EGO IS SEPARATING US FROM THE ENLIGTHMENT! THE POOR ME, IS TOO A DEFECT FROM THE EGO! WE WALK THRU THE NOOSFERA, THE MINDS AND THE THOUGHTS OF EVERY HUMAN BEINGS ON EARTH ARE UNIFYING! DIE AND REBORN WITH CONSIENCE BY YOUR PERSONAL CHANGES! THE EGO! I DON’T KNOW IT! IS AWAY FROM MY LIFE!  


N S 1. 25. 1. 9. Seli. Obsidian. Mantra: HRAM. Rout (Friday 8-3-2012)




The Lunar Chamber identifies the challenge. Which are the obstacles?

There are 140 days left.   The Hand helps us to identify the obstacles that we do not want to see, those that we are aware of, but that maybe the ego or other circumstances are hiding from us. Knowledge is always a good thing, but it has to be used, it has to be activated by the inner self, and together they can realize a complete healing, and by doing this it will help to others.  NOTHING IS GRANTED IN THE HUMAN EVOLUTION IN THIS UNIVERSE. DO YOU KNOW A LOT OF TECHNIQUES?  HAVE YOU TAKEN MANY SPIRITUAL SEMINARS? HOW MANY OF THESE SEMINARS ARE YOU PUTTING INTO PRACTICE? DO YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THE THINGS YOU HAVE LEARNED? USE THEM IN YOUR EVOLUTION AND REACH BALANCE!


N S 1. 25. 1. 10. Gama. Cristal. Mantra: HRAHA. Third Eye (Saturday 8-4-2012)


STAR: Action: BEAUTIFY. Power: ELEGANCE. Essence: ART.


The Electric Chamber identifies the service. How do we reach the goal?

There are 139 days left.  .  The Star has the power to activate the elegance and the art that we put in our life. Time is Art!  Every one of us must be creators of all the things that our hands can make. We have talked about this in other occasions. Life is art and we are the Artists of Life. The Beings that come from the Stars need collaborators, their telepathic receptors, so we have to open our channels and prepare us for the interstellar communication. WE ARE THE SERVERS OF THE NEW TIME, ALWAYS PREPARED FOR THE CONNECTION WITH THE SUPERIORS BEINGS. MAKING ART, THE MIND IS CALM AND THE RECEPTION CHANNEL IS TOTALLY OPEN AND CLEAR. CLOSE YOUR EYES AND EXPERIMENT THE CELESTIAL COMMUNION! IT IS WAITING FOR YOU!




N S 1. 25. 1. 11. Kali. Silver. Mantra: HRIM. Secret Center (Sunday 8-5-2012)

RED SELF-EXISTING MOON – Kin 69 – Galactic Activation Portal

MOON: Action: PURIFY. Power: UNIVERSAL Water. Essence: FLOW.


The Self-existing Chamber identifies the form. Which is the form of the action?

There are 138 days left.   The easiest way to flow is learning from the moon how to purify the emotions, find tune with the ego, to define it and letting it go as the water runs calm and clear in a small spring. In order to reach the vibration, ever higher, we have to be aware of our behavior and wiles. Saying “ I am the way I am” is an escapism, a way of “not changing”, is like hiding your head under the earth and telling “I don’t see, I am not here”. IT IS THE TIME TO SEE LIFE FACE TO FACE, AND MEDITATE ABOUT IT. I PUT MYSELF IN FRONT OF A MIRROR AND I TRY TO SEE BEYOND MY FACE AND MY GESTURES, LOOKING AT MY EYES AND WATCHING THEIR LIGHT THAT IS MINE. I BREATH SLOWLY! I AM PRESENT, AND I TAKE NOTE OF THE THNGS THAT I HAVE TO MODIFY! I MAKE AN IMPORTANT STEP FORWARD!


N S 1. 25. 1. 12. Alfa. Turquoise. Mantra: HRAUM. Throat (Monday 8-6-2012)


DOG: Action: LOVE. Power: HEART. Essence: LOYALTY.


The Overtone Tower takes Charge. It gathers the resources.

There are 137days left. We always have to love ourselves, no matter what we have said or done in the past, we are wonderful and loving with ourselves. The Dog teaches us in the wavespell of the Worldbridger to take the necessary strength and with every opportunity to make a spin in your life. Only me, with my will and love, know what I have to do and say in every moment. In order to do that, I need to be in charge, if I gave it up, now it is the time to take it back. WHEN I LOVE AND RESPECT MYSELF, I INCREMENT MY LOVE. FROM MY HEARTH THE VIBRATION RISES AND WHEN I AM IN CALM AND PEACE, I FEEL ITS HEARTHBEATS, TOC, TOC, TOC, I RESPIRE DEEPLY AND I CAN PERCIBE FROM THE ESPIRT. THE MORE I LOVE MYSELF, THE MORE LOVE I HAVE! VIBRATION RISES! I ALWAYS SMILE FROM MY HEARTH!


 N S 1. 25. 1. 13. Limi. Jade. Mantra: HRUM. Solar Plexus (Tuesday 8-7-2012)


MONKEY: Action: PLAY. Power: MAGIC. Essence: ILLUSION.


The Rhythmic Chamber commands equality. It managers challenge.

There are 136 days left. . In the wavespell of the Worldbridger, we reach the balance of the monkey, taking life as an illusion, a game and living its wonderful magic. We can change everything and convert the unpleasant into pleasant, sadness into happiness, difficult into easy, death into life, disorder into order, because all the acts in life are based in born and death, death and born to new opportunities in this magic life that we live. DO YOU HAVE AN ILLUSION EVERY MORNING WHEN YOU WAKE UP? ARE YOU HAPPY DOING THE THINGS THAT YOU ARE DOING? DO YOU SMILE TO YOURSELF WITH LOVE AND FORGIVENESS? WHAT DO YOU REMEMBER MORE EASILY, SADNESS OR HAPPINESS? ARE YOU HAPPY WHEN YOUR THOUGHTS ARE FOCUSED ON GOD AND THE EVOLUTION PROCESS? FEEL THE FREEDOM, THE FRESHNESS, THE HAPPINESS AND MAGIC OF THE CHILD INSIDE OF YOU!!!


 N S 1. 25. 1. 14. Silio. Gold. Mantra: HRAIM. Heart (Wednesday 8-8- 2012)




The Resonant Chamber commands attunement. The service in tune with the action.

There are 135 days left. Special day to canalize and meditate with the energy of the Human and to connect with the worlds the Bridger is offering us. It´s difficult to find harmony on the outside because world´s politic and economic issues aren´t ok. Although, the human can feel inspired and connect with the vibration of the noosphere, the psi bank, and with the stellar beings and great masters and to know what´s going on the Earth, in the Sun and Galaxy, all from his inside. You can also receive telepathic messages with precise information that could help the Earth and their habitants. AS THE HUMAN I AM, IM RESPONSIBLE OF MYSELF, OF WHAT I DO, SAY, THINK, INFORM, CANALIZE AND EVERYTHING I GIVE TO OTHERS. BECAUSE THE INFLUENCE WE HAVE ON PEOPLE MUST BE POSSITIVE, GUIDING THEM INTO WAYS TO ELEVATE THE SPIRIT AND VIBRATION. WE MUST LET PEOPLE LIVE WITH THEIR FREE WILL! IF THAT PERSON FALLS DOWN, IT WILL LEARN! IF WE KEEP THEM FROM FALLINGTHEY WONT GET THEIR LESSON IN THAT MOMENT, BUT FINALLY THEY WILL. FROM THIS SPELLWAVES TAKE WHAT YOU FEEL THAT WOULD HELP YOU TO REMEMBER WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE CAN DO, NOT TO GUIDE SOMEONE TO A CONCRETE THOUGHT OR BEHAVIOUR!



N S 1. 25. 1. 15. Dali. Onyx. Mantra: OM. Crown (Thursday 8-9-2012)




Galactic Chamber, it orders the Integrity. The action reaches the form.

There are 134 days left. 3rd blue heptade “ The being evolves the knowledge”. The Skywalker on the Galactic tone takes us to the previous wavespell and asks us if we have integrated all the content of his wave.  Many questions are on the table because the Bridger and the skywalker are analogs in their oracle, twin couples, they both breath for the same planet, Mart, the red planet that has their both qualities Space and Death. So it´s the best opportunity for change, death and birth will be harmonized with the exploration and vigilance of our inner and outer space. Now, when we feel upset, it´s time to breath and calm down, keep voice down, and free it from emotional baggage and finally talk with a different expression, calmed, even sweet. Because, when we think we have the truth we get mad about it, but that doesn´t matter, it´s the ego trying set his true over other´s and it´s only one of the many that exists. The learning is into watch our reaction and feelings, anger, when we make us lauder to be over others and have the truth. Walk with the opportunity of changing on every corner, in every step, every breath, exploring how you´re going to feel if you change your attitude and you become calmer and kinder. WE MUST HAVE INTEGRITY, NO THE SOBER COME UP OVER KINDNESS. FACING NEW OR COMPLICATED CIRCUNSTANCES, BREATH AND RELEASE BEFORE A BAD REACTION. IT´S ALL HOW IT HAS TO BE FOR ME TO LEARN! BUT THERE IS THE BEAUTY, I LEARN FROM WHAT I LIVE AND LIVE WITH WHAT I´VE LEARNT! EVERYDAY HAS SOMETHING NEW TO EXPERIMENT, SO CHECK OUT YOUR INTEGRITY AND ALL WILL BE ARMONIC! IM GOD´S ARMONY IN ACTION!


N S 1. 25. 1. 16. Seli. Obsidian. Mantra: HRAM. Root (Friday 8-10-2012)




The Solar Tower formalizes the action. The action puts itself in movement.

There are 133 days left. We take the opportunity to die and be born again, releasing ego from us with the energy of the Wizard and remembering that we have all the time of the world for everything, because there is no time, we are timeless. The changes always have the intention to improve our perception of the spiritual life, to elevate the vibration, to grow into love and light and to become totally receptive to cosmic energies. We are developing our sensitivity to live the 7 following years up to 2013, where the galactic culture will be helping us to live the New Time (Volume VII Chronics of cosmic history). As wizards in Earth, it´s our mission to erase the 12:60 spell and set the 13:20, watch the space and recognize that the noosphere it´s circling the planet with all the information and thoughts that the human being needs in the New Time. We have to learn to live the present moment, having the confidence that our stellar brothers are watching us and helping us sending telepathic messages. The present moment it´s what only matters, here and now it´s the only thing I live, not the past or future. You don´t feel what happened on the past and the future, you only feel what happens in the present , it´s the moment we are living and being receptive. IF FEEL HOW THE WIZARD, WITH HIS CRYSTALS AND HES TIMETRAVELING SKILL, CONECTS WITH THE SUPERIOR ENTITIES WITH THE INTENTION TO RECIEBE HELP FOR THE HUMANS AND THE EARTH BY TELEPATHIC MESSAGES. THE WIZARD GETS READY TO DO HIS MISSION ON EARTH. LIVE THE MOMENT IN HARMONY AND PEACE, BEING THE STELLAR MESSAGER, FROM THE BEINGS THAT LIVE ON THEM, FROM THE SIRIO´S JERARQUIES OF FRIENDLY SPACEBEINGS THAT CONECTS US. OPEN YOUR CHANNEL AND SINTONIZE THE RIGHT STATION, NOOSPHERE!


N S 1. 25. 1. 17. Gamma. Cristal. Mantra: HRHA. Third Eye (Saturday 8-11-2012)


EAGLE: Action: CREATE. Power: VISION. Essence: MIND.


The Planetary Chamber, manifest the challenge. The action and the challenge meet each other.

There are 132 days left. With the eagle flying nearby, and in the Season of Vision, we improve our vision of the life, the moments we create our harmony and above all the vision from the superior mind is given to us. We already have told that the Noosphere is the mind of the planet, so  the Eagle help us to improve our way of create and see things in a different way. When we know the importance of the moment, of these days and the ones that are coming, our mind have to take a different path and the view of our inner being, the feelings, emotions, believes, actions, thoughts, and we have to observe them if we are in the right direction. Our manifestations have to be purely spiritual, focusing in improving all the acts that lead to the no ego, positive, love, creative, nature, to protect the lives of all the nature on Earth, look my inner self and know what I believe and think. The society and the nature cannot be stabilize, but the only the certainty we have is the vision of the Eagle, form our tree of inner life, next to our heart, where live all our possibilities and qualities to reach our higher evolution. Nobody can get inside to our sacred place, it is the most protected place, where we go to meditate, be calm and in harmony with ourselves. GOD IS THE ONLY ONE WHO SHARES THAT PLACE WITH US! WE HAVE THE POWER TO EXPEND ALL THE LOVE TO SEND IT TO THE WHOLE PLANET! WE FORM A SINGLE UNIT WITH THE ALL PLANET! WHAT AFFECTS OTHER HUMAN BEING AFFECT ME, THOUGH, I DO NOT KNOW WHY AND HOW! THE EAGLE AND THE BRIDGER OF WORLDS ARE HIDDEN, SO IT IS A GOOD IDEA TO DISCOVER WHAT WE IGNORE OF OURSELVES, WHICH IS HIDDEN IT IS THERE! DO YOU DARE TO PRODUCE THIS MANISFESTATION?


N S 1. 25. 1. 18.  Kali. Silver. Mantra: HRIM. Secret Center (Sunday 8-12-2012)




The Spectral Chamber, releasing of the service. The action dissolves the service.

There are 131 days left.  Day of release the freedom of the Warrior, questioning, daring, showing always the sword of light  and even armor of light  if it was needed,  in order to vanish all the ego if we have some still, and to talk to our closest the way in which we have achieved it, in the day of the crystal meeting. God made us in His image and likeness, with an intelligence that allow us to evolve on Earth, and also show the path to our inner self which leads us to the enlighten. The intelligence together with the opportunity to change, we get close to the fearlessness, to fight battles that we can  born and die, we have it learn what is important, to decide based on our spirit and knowledge. Today, get let it go, we can do it: dancing, singing, performing Tai Chi, Chi Kung or Yoga, releasing our body from the blocked energies. We make us the next questions:  what am I fighting for in this moment? Is it worth it?  Why do I do that? Do I have innner fights? What about the fears? Do I listen my inner voices? Do I have chattings with my inner self? In which matters do I use my superior intelligence? LIFE IS WISE AND MAGIC, AND IN EVERY MOMENT WE ARE PUT IN SITUATIONS THAT WE CAN HANDLE. IF WE WANT TO MOVE FORWARD, THE EFFORT OF THE WARRIOR HAS TO BE IMPECABLE AND POWERFUL.  I FREE MISELF WHEN AFTER QUESTIONING, I DECIDE TI CAHANGE OR CONTINUE ON THE SAME PATH, BUT I HAVE DONE WITH INTELLIGENCE. NOBODY CAN DECIDE FOR YOU! YOU ARE THE CHIEF OF ALL THE WARRIORS THAT YOU HAVE IN YOUR INTERIOR! PUT YOURSELF IN CHARGE AND WIN! RAISE YOUR SWORD TO THE SKY AND THANKS YOUR VICTORY!


N S 1. 25. 1. 19. Alpha. Turquoise. Mantra: HRAUM. Throat (Monday 8-13-2012)

RED CRISTAL EARTH – Kin 77 – Galactic Activation Portal



The Crystal Chamber, cooperation of the form. The round table is set, the past action is formalized, and the future action gets ready.

There are 130 days left. In the wave of the Bridger, the cooperation is with the Earth and for the Earth. In our home, we evolve and we must go to their pace if we want to be in harmony. Altogether, we and she are going to enter to the New Time and we receive help to regenerate and transformation. When she raises her vibration, we must do the same to feel in harmony. On the crystal day, the kines talk about the effort to recognize the ego and go through; WE MUST REMEMBER that we are travelling through the space in the Nave of Time Earth 2013; the predisposition to be channel of lights and information from the aliens of Sirio and other places from the Galactic Confederation; the personal work of purification, raising the personal vibration to get everything from other dimensions more higher; and much more. What do I believe that is going to happen to the Earth? Is it going to change? What is it said in the Cosmic History of this? Are we ready to be part of this New Land? Every time there is less land or trees or animals free in the nature. And the places of salt water, sea and oceans, because the man cannot dominate, reduce or enlarge; yet we are eating land to the sea to build. We cut trees and destroy woods to build big cities; the field is dry and razed. We have changed the course of rivers and build on those courses. Well, we can say a lot of things that men have changed on perjury on nature. So I, What have I done with my life? Have I built unreachable walls to protect me? Have I cover my ears in order not to hear the things that I do not like? Have I put veils to not see my inner world and noises to not hear the voice of my being? USE ANY MOMENT TO UNCOVER YOUR EARS AND EYES. LIFE IS WONDERFUL; THE EARTH HAS A GREAT BEAUTY AND HOSTS THE LIVES OF LOTS OF SPECIES OF ANIMALS. GOD, CREATOR OF EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING, HE IS ALIVE IN ANY GRAIN OF SAND, TREE LEAF, INSECT, DUST, IN ALL NATURE, AS WELL AS ALL CREATED BY THE MEN, THE PC OR NETBOOK, THE CHAIR YOU ARE SITTING ON, THE CLOTHES YOU ARE WEARING, ALL IS FULL OF HE AND ABOVE ALL YOUR BEING, YOUR HEART, YOUR SOUL. WELCOME TO ALL CIRCLES AND ME!


 N S 1. 25. 1. 20. Limi. Jade. Mantra: HRUM. Solar Plexus (Tuesday 8-14-2012)




The Cosmic Portal takes the magic flight. It is the Magnetic return.

There are 129 days left. Last day of the Bridger, transcendence and perdurability of life using the energy of the Mirror. Tell me Magic Mirror, Do I have ego? How can I organize my  life to go to the Ascension? Do I live in here and now? Do I know that the Mirror can lead to others realities and dimensions? Do I see a light being in my reflection? Do I accept mi self as I looked or I want to look to someone else? And what about my inner self? Am I more sweet, tender, patient, relax, reflexive, magical, smiling, humble, loving or my ego is giving the orders? Do I look the dead to a pace to a different life, where there is no body and the spirit is the one in chief? Do I have fear to the big changes? When a friend or a relative leaves, Do I live it with harmony? We can normally see that all the mirrors are equal, what can change is the frame and the size, so our reflection inside the Mirror, all are equal, nobody has anything special, only reflect what we are anything else. It is the only one who says the truth and even knowing this we believe that is still lying to us. THE MIRROR IS THE ALLY WHAT SAYYOU WHO YOU ARE. HAOW YOU ARE AND HE DO NOT LIE, BUT US WE FOOL OURSELVES NOT WANTING TO SEE THE REALITYOF THE MOMENT. MAYBE YOU LOOK YOURSELF WITH DIFFERENT EYES AND YOU CAN NOT SEE YOURSELF. YOU ARE A DIVINE CREATURE, WITH UNIQUES QUALITIES TO HEAR AND SEE BEYOND THE COMMON! TELEPATHY IS FOR EVERYONE, SOON YOU WILL LIVE IT! THE SUPERIOR COMMAND IS ABOVE THE TERRESTRIAL COMMAND! GOS IS SUPERIOR TO MAN BUT IS HIS UNCONDITIONAL FRIEND!




Written by: María Teresa Rodriguez.  Kin 94. mariateresamaya@gmail.com   www.ondaencantada.com www.13lunas.net   www.lawoftime.org       www.portaldeconciencia.com


Translated by: Sergio, 13 Warrior Chile; Verónica, 13 Storm México; Temmy, 11 Skywalker México; Emiliano, 9 Dragon Argentina; Cristian, 1 Skywalker; Cecilia, 1 Hand Argentina; Gema, 9 Earth España. Thanks for this voluntary work.














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