Wavespell of the Red Earth-06


Power of the Navigation

(From November 1 to 13, year 7 Storm)


 N S 1. 25. 4. 28. Dali. Onyx. Mantra: OM. Crown (Thursday 1-11-2012)




The Magnetic Gate identifies the purpose. Which is my goal?

There are 50 days left for the closure of the 12-21-2012 cycle. 15 blue heptad of transformation.  “The wisdom transfers the prophecy”.  We are still on the Blue Self existing   Owl Moon of the Form, see www.ondaencantada.com.  We enter in the Yellow Castle of the South Court of the Intelligence, with the other 4 Wavespell, of the red Earth, white Dog, blue Night and yellow Warrior, where we have the END OF THE CYCLE. We enter the Wavespell of the Red Earth, the 13th of the Tzolkin, red to begin.  The Earth on the galactic Archetypes it is the Galactic Navigator, Guardian of the Synchronic Codex and knows also by the name of “Synchroton”. The Navigator is the First Portal of the Matrix:  Earth Portal of Navigation, the Navigator of the cosmic synchronicity.  The synchronicity it is the intelligence power of Hunab Ku.  The Navigator is the emissary of the intelligence of Hunab Ku.  The Earth has 3 qualities:  EVOLVE, NAVIGATION AND SYNCHRONICITY.  The action is EVOLVE.  The evolution is the most important quality of the planet Earth and humans in these moments at the end of the cycle.  All in the universe is moving and it´s evolving.  Our earth as a part of it has its own evolution always depending by the Sun, and the energy that is arriving from the center of the Galaxy, the Milky Way.  Following the principle of universal laws, like up and down, we evolve in conscience and vibrations until we meet the moment when we reach the illumination, and ascension to another plan. It´s now, when there are 50 days left to the end of the cycle, when we have to make the quantum jump. It is the moment to take seriously we are on the top of the Earth process, if we are here and now living in our hearth and spiritual search, it is because we are to put a personal grain of sand.  Nothing matter the most, that knowing we are spiritual beings searching for the interior God.  It´s time to look inside, to set planetary goals, solar, galactic, universal, cosmic and divine, and converge to here and now.  Objective:  to evolve with conscience, to teach the Noosphere and be able to connect telepathically with the stellar beings.  Are we focusing our decisions? Do we interiorize when we have to decide where to go?  Do we have conscience in behaviors and reactions?  Do we evolve in conscience?  Do we spiritualize the subject?  Do we smile at life?  Do we love us and love the others?  What happens with the arrival of the Noosphere?  Do I help to manifest the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge?  The power is NAVIGATION.  We have to remember the Earth is a time ship traveling in the cosmos, spinning around the galaxy central sun, and it´s evolving as a planet.  That´s why we, as a human who live in it, also have to evolve to still living in it.  The only purpose of life is the evolution of the conscience, of the earth and the humans.  We are sailing in the cosmos, around the sun, and tuning our mind with the spirit, with the love that sprout from the hearth, with the superior entities, with the stellar beings, and with God as the supreme goal of the soul.  Is that really our picture?  Do we enter inside to make decisions and arise?  Where do we have our attention?  Everything is in constant movement in the cosmos, and we should go straight with our more elevated principles.  Valum Votan, has teaching us for so many years, to prepare us for this moment that is arriving, and it´s the Red Queen who is with us and keep his labor.  VV&RQ have plant in us, and we have plant on others, and others…. Then the fruits will show on the planet.  The essence is SYNCHRONICITY.  Before, the people believe in casualties, today a lot of us know what is casualties and synchronicities.  A fact happens because it has to happen, and then brings a list of consequences, that we call synchronicities.  See http://www.13lunas.net/sicronizaciongalacticaparte1.htm where you can find that every day has different connotations, depend the year where transiting, the day of the moon, the kin in the Tzolkin, besides all the daily synchronicities that VV add to the Calendar of the 13 moons.   It´s important to believe that everything we live is synchronized in the cosmos.  Do I believe on casualties?  And synchronicities? The universe is governed by laws of cause and effect, and our lives too.  We are on the previous days to the end of cycle of 5125 years in the history of earth.  We learn to be more conscious in all this time.  Are we prepared to experiment the end of the world?  What do we expect to happen in the new time?  Am I connected with my interior to be able to perceive and live with the new?  Do I really meditate of the beginning of a new evolutive stage of the earth and our?  It is the moment to look at us with a lot of harmony, to know who we really are, to know where we are going and react.  Maybe as an intuitive Navigator we have to change the course of our personal ship, is still the moment. We can wake up one another, and say “hey!” “Wake up of your dream!”  The magic moment is close! We wait for so long! How can we do it?  The only way, is first, personal and then grupal, because the first step is yours, him, her, others, them, we pass from individual to collective. Then someone remember the other, they know what is happening, where to go. THE REGENERATION OF THE EARTH IS CALLING US! OUR VIBRATION HAS TO BE WITH THE EARTHS! I REMEMBER YOU, AND WE REMEMBER EACH OTHER THAT THE LIFE WILL BE MORE LOVELY, TELEPATHIC, HARMONIOUS, AND PEACEFUL, CONSIOUS AND LUMINOUS, WHERE THE GALACTIC CULTURE CAN HELP US TO STABILIZE IN A NEW ORDER! CAN WE HELP?

For now only be sent the translation of magnetic tone of wavespells, the purpose.

Blessing. Written by: M. Teresa Rodriguez- Kin 94. mariateresamaya@gmail.com

www.ondaencantada.com  www.lawoftime.org

Translated by: Verónica, 13 Storm México; Cecilia, 1 Hand Argentina and Gema 9 Earth, España. Thanks for this voluntary service.








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