Wavespell of the Blue Eagle-06


F O AGUILAPower of the Vision

(From Jeanery 18 to 30 – 2013 – Year Storm 7)


N S 1. 25. 7. 9. Seli. Obsidian. Mantra: HRAM. Root (Tuesday 9-7-2013)


EAGLE: Action: CREATE. Power: VISION. Essence: MIND


There are 189 days left for the beginning of the New Time 26-7-2013. We still are in the Monkey Moon of the Channeling, in the First Mystic Moon of the Ringing Spirit. The Wavespell of the Blue Eagle is a transformation, and it´s the 19th of the Tzolkin.  It is the second day, Seli, from the 26 heptada. We are still with the Earth on the first 36 days of the 216, put in on the base the RED color.  The blue Eagle, it is the seal number 15.  Days are passing by, faster than we would like, but we have to accept the reality.  We don’t have to let go any moment without connecting with the interior vision of the Eagle, because this would help us to believe the wonderful reality of the interior. We live the time we create, and we create the time we live in.  Nobody is responsible for our acts, just ourselves, even if we consider that other people are the trigger for our reactions.  Everyone of us have to take our helm and keep moving for those places in harmony.  The mind is the most precious that the Human can use, but there are a lot of ways to discern from the unconsciousness to the radial conscience-perception.  In the Synchrogalactic Yoga,   (https://ondaencantada.com/2012/09/practicas-del-yoga-synchrogalactico-ingles/ ), we can see the seven Mental Spheres, from the pre-conscious to the Holomind Perceiver, the Radial Vision; it takes part of the Synchronotron.  The Eagle teaches us to have a special vision of the reality we live in.  Everything is perfect, what happens and how it happens. The circumstances have been chosen in a superior reality to experiment, learn and move forward with conscience.  If places and experiences without light exist, it will exist our dark side, which must have been accepted.  Does that mean we are negative persons? Not at all.  This means we are walking through the light where the direct connection with God is.  The Galactic Archetype of the Eagle is the Seer, who looks beyond the perceptions of the third dimension, because is capable of ascend and have a better vision. “On the 7 Mystic Moons, we can integrate all the new light that is coming, and all our perceptions.  We know everything is possible, the physical regeneration, the regeneration of the planet, visit other solar systems and get reunites with our brother of the space, the telepathy, the telekinesis, the displacement and all the magic powers that we dreamed of”.  These are the word of the Red Queen said in Palenque on 21-12-2012.  If we meditate these words and take them to the practice, our life will change and we will arrive with more conscience into the Noosphere.  The qualities of the Eagle permit us to create with the mind a vision that take us to a higher level of conscience and evolution, because we came to the Earth is to EVOLVE IN CONSCIENCE, or differently if we follow some spiritual way, TO REACH THE LIGHTING.  Now the vision that we can see with our physical eyes, get together with the soul, and then we complete from the love the things that show us the physical eyes and the interior vision. We create a reality moment by moment and we live in it.  For this motive, we need to be very conscious and recognize the perceptions from all the things that happen in our lives, because what we live is what we are in a last request.  If our interior Eagle fly more higher, more external and internal vision can have;  external, because from the sky can visualize the camp of vision; and internal, because climbing to the highest tree, close his eyes and feel closer with the galactic beings and God.  Do I look closer the situations?  What happen if I try to see the situations from the highest tree, like the Eagle, and watch EVERYTHING by the situation I lived?  Life is full of wonderful surprises waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.  We are big creators, we can´t resign to live them and just hear from others, let´s experiment from the first hand, asking for help to the beings of the stars, to the masters, to the nature, to the angels, to the Sirius beings, to our guides, and also to the unconditional friend, to that person who is always by our side.  Now we are all ONE.  Very soon we can look each other eyes, smile each other and identified us like beings of pure love.  WE ALL HAVE A VISION OF THINGS. WHAT REALLY MATTER IS THAT THIS VISION MUST BE MORE SUBTILE DAY BY DAY TO ELEVATE OUR CONSCIENCE.  THE THINGS WE SEE WITH OUR EYES AND THIRD AWAKEN EYE, ARE THE WONDERFUL THINGS FROM THE FOURTH DIMENSION, BECAUSE WE ARE MULTIDIMENSIONAL BEINGS.  OUR VISION HELPS US TO CONNECT WITH THE SUPERIOR MIND.  REMEMBER, YOUR MOST PRECIOUS TREASURE IS YOUR MIND, USE IT WITH HIGHER EYES!  CAN YOU OBSERVE WITH YOUR EYES CLOSE?       

White by Maria Teresa Rodriguez. Kin 94. mariateresamaya@gmail.com www.ondaencantada.com

Translated by Veronique, 13 Storm, Mexico. www.lawoftime.org

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