Wavespell of the White Wind-06


FOE VIENTOPower of the Spirit

(From day 5 to Jeanery 17 of 2013 – Year Storm 7)


N S 1. 25. 6. 24. Gama. Cristal. Mantra: HRAHA. Third Eye (Friday 1-5-2013)



The Magnetic Gate identifies the Purpose. Which is my goal?

202 days left for the commencement of the New Time. Wavespell of the White Wind, to refine, the 18   Tzolkin. We follow the Rhythmic Lizard Moon of Equality. Third Gamma day of the heptada 24.The wind is the seal No. 2 and the Archetypes Galactic is THE HIGH PRIESTESS. Step by step, the days advance as day dawns and after a few hours of sun, evening and dark come. We live for the day walking to be aware and night resting, sleeping and «dreaming». So day after day. The process of life on Earth for Humans. Right now we have 13 days with wind wave, in which we will have to become aware that we are actually living experiences as spirits in human bodies. Many times we thought it was the opposite and that is why we reached no happiness since we focused on getting the material. The wind comes to teach the internal connection to communicate with the spirit divine breath. They are wonderful times that we now experience. With the end of the cycle of the Mayan Long Count ended at 12:60 synchronization beam we received from Jupiter and Saturn, Tun 5200 years (360 days).This ray brought the four evils with which humans have lived for the past thousands of years. Thus, l to seal Abundance Night became «excessive materialism» Seed flourish in «false spirituality» sex of the Serpent, in «sexual taboo» and the Death of Worldbridger in «fear of death». To read more about it, see the Manual for Telektonon Due to this, because, for 5200 years humans have had to face and overcome these situations. Now, at the end of 12:60 synchronization beams, these four social ills have gone despaired. Human beings are free, have you noticed? Have you received from the weighing 21-12-201 2 that you carried with you gone? Do you feel more free? Is it hard to decide what to do less and do? Can you hear the sound more easily and the words of your inner being? From now on, EVERYTHING CHANGES. We know we have an adaptation period of 216 days, which have already begun, in which we will adjust and prepare for the arrival of the New Age, 26/07/2013. We will have much easier to perceive the divine breath that connects us with love that which we need at the time. Are we to we to listen? Do we consider ourselves the joy of advancing and evolving spirits? The wind makes us listen to her soft whisper reaches our ears in words, music, bird song, whale and dolphin sounds, and even in the SILENCE OF THE VOID, bringing that information to the here and now. Tonight in Christian tradition celebrates the arrival of the Magi bringing gifts to ask or need. There is still time to write and ask our letter «that» we need to move forward on the spiritual path. As they were led by a star to Jesus the Christ child, we also ask them to show us the way and teach us to overcome the obstacles. It is a time for Twelfth Night, which you can use to meditate and ask from the heart, without attachments or conditions. We expect a wonderful time where we’re going to find behaviors that we are abandoning old, ranging fading fears, emotions ranging encysted disengaging, and above all the love in our hearts to be expanding.  It’s time to share, to communicate-we, to have those experiences that you have to connecter with the spirit and with God. To God we cannot define, but feel his breath, his grace, his blessings, love and light. Nothing separates us from our higher self, the I AM, the Inner Master in all of us. You know you have many qualities? Remember that you are a being made ??in the image and likeness of God t u creator? Do you love them enough to forget all your troubles of the past? Are the flowers can become God’s Garden? Everything is easier to how we perceive it. Our needs are less than what you actually believe. We can live with less and be happier, because wealth is inside, not from outside. HE WHO HAS THE MOST IS BOT THE WEALTHIEST, BUT RATHER HE WHO NEEDS THE LEAST! REMEMBER, THE WIND WHISPERS IN YOUR EAR SONGS OF LOVE AND PEACE. YOUR SPIRIT «KNOWS» WHAT PERHAPS YOU DO NOT PERCEIVE EVERYDAY UNDERSTANDING. WE WILL BEGIN TO COMMUNICATE WITH GALACTIC BEINGS WHO WILL COME TO OUR AID. ARE BEINGS OF LIGHT AND GOODNESS, CAN WE BE ALSO BE LIKE THAT?GOD, I ASK: THAT HE MAY PERCEIVE YOUR GRACE AND ENCOURAGEMENT WHEN YOU NEED IT! I REALIZE THAT WE ARE ALL EQUAL BECAUSE WE WERE CREATED BY YOU! PICK ME, AND MEDITATE BEFORE YOU FEEL AND HEAR WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY! THANKS WIND FOR COMMUNICATING!

 Escrita por: Maria Teresa Rodriguez – Kin 94 –   mariateresamaya@gmail.com

www.ondaencantada.com                www.lawoftime.org

Translated to Alberto, Wind 6, Londres.































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