Wavespell of the Yellow Star-06

F O ESTRELLAPower of the Elegance

(From January 31 to February 12 – 2013 – Year Storm 7)


N S 1. 25. 7. 22. Dali. Onix. Mantra: OM. Crown (Wednesday 1-31-2013)


STAR: Action: BEAUTIFY. Power: ELEGANCE. Essence: ART.


The Magnetic Gate identifies the Purpose. Which is my goal?

There are 176 days left for the beginning of the New Time 26-7-2013. This is the last week in the Moon of the Challenging Monkey. 28 yellow heptada, “The Lighting Light up the Navigation”. Today begin the 20th Wavespell, the Yellow Star, and the one who ends the Tzolkin, and goes from kin 28 to 260. These 13 days, the purpose of the Star is filling life with the ART.  All this Wavespell, we have to activate the right side of the cube around the Earth, we project the ORANGE color that we add to the red we put on the base.  We are moving in “The time is money, to the time is art”. So, this Wavespell of the Star help us in these special moments to realize the transformation, to see with different eyes our lives, to smile at any circumstance and knowing that is for the best.  We saw on many occasions, WE ARE ALL ARTISTS.  It is not about just writing or sculpting, or playing virtuously an instrument, we have to recognize that thing you can do very well, that thing you hasn´t appreciate yet.  That special quality you have, and hide, because is not like the others.  When we unify our personal energies with the purpose to obtain an artistic result, our heart expands, it gets happy because finally we have decided to show that special gift we had kept inside, because shame or we believe is not what the society demands. All THE ARTS YOU DO ARE SPECIAL. It doesn´t matter if they are perfect, or if you´re trying to seek the perfection on it, by doing them or practicing them. We come from the Stars, and our qualities are bigger than we think, and “then, what happen?” we don’t look for that quality we have, because we don’t believe in us. Nobody should tell us what to do, because he doesn’t know our capacities to create and our vocation of cosmic artist.  What can we do as a personal art? Is it necessary to learn something new? Is that the thing I did when I was young and now I am shame of it? Is it really an art the thing I do? Do I feel happy to manifest this special quality when I share it with my friends and family? What incident is keeping me to hide that art, the art I know how to do and bring me so much joy?  It is the moment to take a risk, to take out all my light, to have the purpose to not hide the artistic qualities from the society.  How many qualities we can name?  A lot, for sure some of them will remain in the inkwell because there are so many, like the people we know, and besides the people we don’t know.  So, where can we start? You can start with you.  With your personal qualities. There are some things you do in secret, and those things arise your energy. God, in his infinite love, has made us with a special structure and being great creators, and that way capable to decorate the world.  Even if it´s day or night, the stars of the sky are with us in this great cosmic dance of the solar systems and galaxies in this Universe.  On the level day by day, there are so many moments where we can show our elegance and harmony to the environment.   Waking up, watching us in the mirror, and see us like a cosmic being, and divine with love, smiling at us and encourage us. Today is a new day, we have to say, I hope it will be better than yesterday, and I will give more. And when I get out of the house, and get to work, and see my friends, give the best of me, my smile, my harmony, my beauty, listen, sincerity, altruism, sincerity, compassion, joy, hope, and love.  Because the evolution in conscience is taking by the hand the love, one without the other cannot exist. Feel you are a great star of God, irradiating the Earth, for the evolution of the humans. Nobody has the power over you, your interior beauty, is just comparable to the light of the stars in the firmament. Your Interior Sun, is your Star, and both are you. Your potentialities, the possibilities to reach a higher light, are in your star, in your heart.  Nothing can get you happier than your own harmony, light and beauty.  The time is art, you are art, your beauty is art, your conscience is art, your behavior is art, your essence is art, your love is art, and your word is art….. All in you is art and the love of God is the supreme art. See «, Closing the icle and of Artificial Time & OPENING THE NEW» in english http://www.lawoftime.org/infobooth/closing-of-the-cycle-2012.html. IF THE ART IS THE CENTER OF THE EXISTENCE, IT´S NOT POSSIBLE ANY DISORDER OR WORRIES.  THE ART OF THE STAR, INVITE US TO BE PEACEFUL, LOVING AND RELAX, MOVING OUR ENERGY WITH THAT “PERSONAL ART” THAT WE HAVE.  DARE TO SHOW YOURSELF! A STAR ALWAYS HAS A SPECIAL BEAUTY! WE DISTINGUISH EACH OTHER BY THE TYPE OF ENERGY WE HAVE! WRAP YOURSELF IN LIGHT, LIKE THE STARS! THE EXTERIOR MACROCOSM AND THE TERRESTRIAL MICROCOSM ARE THE SAME! THE HUMANS GET RID THE LIGHT OF THE STARS, LIKE HUMANS! I HOPE YOUR LIGHT, STAR, BE PURE, CLEAN AND RADIANT!

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Translated by: Veronica Reyes , 13 Storm México.


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  1. Muy bueno,y resuena totalmente en el Alma.
    La traduccion un poco «de aquella manera» aunque se aprecia muy buena voluntad y cariño;se entiende y sobre todo se «siente» muy bien.
    Muchas Gracias.

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